The DefenCell range of products includes:


  • Lightweight modular construction system
  • Blast and Ballistic protection
  • Infantry positions to Perimeter security
  • Strong cellular structure
  • Ranges and shoothouses


  • First choice for discreet HVM protection
  • PAS68 approved geotextile barrier
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Simple and cost effective to install

Flood Control

  • Successfully deployed protection
  • Fully tested by ERDC
  • Fast and simple to install and remove
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Reinforce existing flood defences

Blast Containment

  • UXO and IED disposal
  • Contains blast and debris
  • No secondary shrapnel
  • Fast to install and remove
  • Modular scalable design


  • Our new range of geotextile lined welded mesh gabions
  • Integrating the strength and durability of DEFENCELL with the world's leading manufacturer of gabion structures
For more information, visit the DefenCell website: