Franklin is a major supplier of tents to the British Ministry of Defence, primarily the ITC shelter system and has been closely involved in the development and improvement of the system to meet evolving operational requirements.

The Improved Tented Camp (ITC) is the mainstay of the British Army's deployable tentage. Designed to be easily erected, versatile and modular, it provides shelter and protection for accommodation and field hospitals in support of today's expeditionary force philosophy. Camps to house 125, 250 or 500 men are modular in construction and use a formulated layout designed to route all the necessary essential services, provide partitioned area protection and yet combine ease of movement within the camp and secure access.

The main module of the ITC is the 24x18ft shelter unit, usually deployed in 24, 48 or 72ft long configurations. This combines with the 12x12ft shelter unit, the porchway, passageway and four way connector, to make the five essential components of any camp. The addition of insulated liners and sunshields make air conditioning much more effective to provide additional levels of comfort in inhospitable climates and under harsh operational conditions.

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